About the KCCC

The Kensington Chamber of Commerce and the Chelsea Chamber of Commerce were both established in the early 1900's and amalgamated in the 1960's to become the Kensington & Chelsea Chamber of Commerce or as it is affectionately known - KCCC.

Today, Kensington & Chelsea Chamber of Commerce boasts many members in professions as diverse as finance to fashion, builders to banks, shoe makers to solicitors and many more.

KCCC is committed to help member's businesses and organisations grow and sustain a successful business community in the the borough. Networking is a priority of our Chamber - helping members to meet, mix and support each other in business. The Chamber values our close links with the the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea Council, the Portobello Business Centre and the Kensington & Chelsea Partnership as well as the local Retail Forums and other local alliances.

The Executive Council of voluntary directors are elected on a three year cycle at the KCCC AGM and supported by the KCCC staff and volunteers.

The Executive Council