The Benefits of Joining the Kensington & Chelsea Chamber of Commerce

Unlike other business membership organisations, membership of KCCC is corporate. This means that any employees of member companies can take advantage of our range of events and benefits.


Networking events are usually held on the first Tuesday of the month in venues across the borough. These First Tuesday events are free for members. The format varies, and can include guest presentations, forums and speed networking. Prospective members may attend up to two events as a guest before applying for membership. For details and to book attendance at one of our events please look at the events page.

Venues and Marketing

Members are offered the opportunity to host networking events and showcase your venue. This is a great marketing opportunity to the wide range of our members and local businesses. To find contact details in the Members Directory, Members can log in to the Gallery page.


In order to become a member please fill out the membership application form and pay your first annual membership fee by following the link below.

New member's applications will be ratified at the monthly Executive Council meetings.

Successful applications will be notified by email. Your membership will commence from the first day of the month of the Executive Council meeting at which your application is approved. 

For questions about membership please email

For any account queries, please email

Annual membership fees are based on company size:
          SMEs & Charities                       1 - 9 employees = £200 + VAT
              Medium sized businesses    10 - 49 employees = £400 + VAT
              Large companies                     50+ employees = £1,000 + VAT

To renew membership online please also use this link

Become a KCCC Member Become a KCCC Member